Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where On Claws are You, Greeny ?

Cyn has been super busy. She ignored me most of the time! I'm thinking revenge. I think I'm going to hide from her. See if she could found me...

Behind these leaves ? Na.. these leaves wouldn't bend to cover me

Camouflaging with these pretty flowers ? Yea right, like green and pink is not that contrast, stoopid greeny

The claaaaw :'D Oh wait, these are not claws.. and they are painfully torturing!

Chillies!! These are perfect!!! Except for the fact that I'm bigger than them..

wohoo.. little-green-man-sized-pine-tree! Perfect for camouflaging and comfortable too! I'm going to sleep for a while 

Geez greeny, where are you ? :(

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